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Menu a'la carte ENG

Cold Starters

Salmon carpaccio
with mashed exotic fruit and mix of green salads

Assorted Fish plate   
Chef-salted Salmon
with fennel and marinated carrots
Home-smoked Salmon slices
with nut cream
Three variants of Herring with steamed potatoes  
Australian beef carpaccio   
Australian beef Tar-tar
with capers
Assorted  Meat  plate
baked ham, roast beef, galantine
Caprese Buffalo   
Assorted vegetables  plate  
artichokes, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes,
Pickled mushrooms   
mix of three kinds of eggplants
Cheese plate
Bruschetta, Dor Blue, Camembert, Blue Rosenberg,
Goat cheese, Cheese with almonds and apricot filling



"Arugula and shrimps" salad         
Shrimps and Avocado         


Salad with crab meat and mushrooms
dressed with hazelnut cream


Warm salad with seafood
fried tiger prawns, mussels, octopus, squid
in sauce Sweet Chile with lettuce



Tuna  and Arugula   

"Sabayon" salad
salad of green asparagus with salted salmon,
Gorgonzola cheese and citrus mayonnaise



Rocket salad and Parma ham
and crispy chiabatta



"Octavian" salad
with warm chicken thighs and Parmesan cheese



Warm salad
with chicken liver and fried mushrooms


Vegetables with Feta Cheese, olives & Kalamata

Tasty tomatoes    

Hot Starters

Pancakes "Russian" with red caviar
chopped egg, herbs and sour cream


Mussels "Siciliano"
mussels baked with oil from anchovies,
served on a bed of sea salt



Scallops in a sauce of green asparagus
with vegetable salsa


Giblets, stewed in sour cream
served in pancake with Pripek


Giblets, stewed in sour cream
served in pancake with Pripek

Khachapuri Migrelski style   

Homemade pasta

With Shrimps and asparagus    
With bacon and cream sauce  
With tomatoes and feta cheese    


Ukha (fish clear soup)
made of the four types of deli fish


Cream of Wild Mushrooms
with truffle flavour

Borsch with sour cream  


Cream soup Verona style
thick potato soup with garlic flavour
served with chaabata and Gorgonzola cheese,
decorated with "caviar" from the bilberry


Main Course

Fillet of Dorado


Fillet of Seabass
on avocado with basil


Sliced grilled Tuna
with a light puree of celery and hazelnut cream


Sea perch
with artichoke and leek

Salmon fillet stuffed with fresh spinach    
Steamed Salmon on stewed asparagus 


Fried Perch under the green beans
with anchovies and crayfish



Perch fillet
with mashed potatoes and ratatouille
under Lucianosauce


Main Course

Entrecote "Bonito"
grilled beef fillet with ginger-soy sauce
served on a hot pan

Ribeye steak with cognac sauce   

Argentine beef steak
with brandy and pepper sauce

Tournedo of Australian beef 
grilled fillet of beef,
garnished with zucchini,  black pepper sauce and
"Caviar" ofraspberries

according to an old Russian recipe
по старинному русскому рецепту


Rack of New Zealand lamb
on roasted vegetables


Cutlet of lamb chop 
stewed with tomatoes in pita bread


with sauteed mushrooms and potatoes



Pork cutlet on the chop
with crumpled potatoes and Arabiata sauce



Main Course

Chicken Schnitzel
with grilled vegetables


Chicken fillet in fragrant herbs 
with steamed vegetables



Duck "Magret"
tender duck breast with fresh figs

Chicken "Tabaka"  


"Count ruins"
delicate combination of airy meringue, butter cream,
petal sugar almonds and juicy plums,
added with exquisite vanilla sauce

Classical Tiramisu    

Fricassee of wild berries
baked berry & sauce Sabayon
on a crisp almond cream


pineapple "ravioli" with mousse of prunes
and tar-tar from fresh strawberries



thin petals of puff pastry,
gentle cream of mascarpone cheese, fresh raspberries -
perfect classic dessert



Hazelnut and Chocolate cake
with chocolate mousse



Honey puncher
with cream mousse

Hazelnut  cake and vanilla ice-cream    
Strawberry cake  


Pistachios and mint cake  


Classical Cr?me brulee    

Chocolate truffle 
with chocolate mousse and berry sauce

Classical Cheesecake  


Chocolate & nuts " Brownie"
with apples and chocolate mousse

Ice Cream "Palette"  
Lime sorbet with kiwi sauce and mint    

pineapple, melon, kiwi, strawberries, grapes


Assorted "Berry basket"
fresh berries assortment


Tea Special

Marzipan slices



Assorted truffles
dark chocolate, peanut, coconut


Petit four "Bovary"
filling of prunes and caramel with cognac,
supplemented with walnut glaze of dark chocolate



Petit four "Paradise"
pistachio filling with Cointreau liqueur


a game of four elements - praline, cinnamon, black pepper
and nutmeg in milk chocolate glaze



Almond "macaroon" with chocolate filling   
Coconut cookies   
Oatmeal cookies 


American cookies